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Mar-Tay Music Enterprise features
CountrySinger/Songwriter/Musician/RecordingArtist- Marty Taylor

This website was birthed from the immense popular demand of country music fans across the nation.Thanks for visiting our site and come back again when we will have future updates such as music clips,photos,and videos.
You will find that Marty Taylor is a true heartfelt and hardcore country singer.
"If It's Country...It's Marty Taylor"

"This website is dedicated to the memory of those "real" cowboys of country music who now sing in Hillbilly Heaven's band"...
Waylon Jennings
Keith Whitley
Lefty Frizzell
Hank Williams
Mel Street
Ernest Tubb
Johnny Paycheck
"May their voices blend eternally in sweet country harmony"...

This website is also dedicated to the Rolling Thunder group(Pow/Mia)and all american veterans who fought and died for America's freedom.